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Vision is the final result that we aim for. It is the result of many things, it can be very distant or difficult to achieve. It certainly goes far beyond our present ability. But it is the factor that forces us to go for something that does not seem to touch it.
Who would have imagine that a tiny Dubai, surrounded by deserts could become one of the world's most modern cities, the most prosperous and the tallest in the world? Fifty years ago, how many people believed that Singapore would be Asia's leading civilization, transportation, and GDP. Nobody dares to believe that it took only 40 years from the rubble of 1945 to rise to the second world economy (now, the third).

Vision is the destination, the core value is the heritage we leave for the next generation, with the view-point is that we position ourselves to never be dissolved in a world full of fluctuation. Our vision will answer the question: "Why do we start?"
#VinaFine is started with young factors, new thoughts, new aspirations. With the desire to share, build and position the brand of Vietnamese agricultural products in the world export market is fierce and volatile.
Our success just is a very small spotlight so that Vietnam’s success needs millions of people with patriotic spirit, integrity, pride, and discipline hold hands together. If we do not work, who will do it for us?

You only live once, we also live once, Vietnam also only a golden moment to start. Definitely never better than this time!
"We are just a seed in the knowledge garden. We are not inferiority or fear. We work diligently every day, taking the essence from the earth, towards the sun, thanks to the covering of the great trees ... One day, looking back, we have also become big trees from time to time."
We are #VinaFine

Vietnamese Agricultural Commodities


We are the supplier focusing on agricultural products like rice, spices, fruits… We have been exporting to many markets worldwide, especially to Malaysia, Japan, Korea, France and Middle East countries.

  • All products meet quality standards
  • Responsible Farming & Sustainability
  • Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth