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Premium Rices Straws from VinaFine has stand on Turkey news.

#BioStraw was one of the most outstanding products during CNR Food Fair 2019.
Thus, some Media and Newspapers have mentioned about our straws. During the fair, a large number of visitors came and shown their interest in our products. They told me that they wish this straws being popular in Turkish market.

#Vinafine is not only export the Ricestraws, We also fine the ways for Vietnamese products being popular all over the World.




















Bio Rice Straws

– VinaFine’s Bio Premium Rice Straws are made from premium rice powder and vegetable juices: 100% natural organic materials from Viet Nam.

– Our luxury straws will contribute to raise the elegance and class of drinks so they are suitable for luxury restaurants, hotels and resorts. In addition, using rice straws also help to save our environment instead of using plastic straws.


– Organic powder from rice, potato and tapioca

– Vegetable juices


– Bio Premium Rice Straws can be used in 4 different water environments: hot water, cold water, ice water and carbonated water.

– Bio Premium Rice Straws are straight, smooth, uniform color owing to the ultra-fine powder technology so they are very suitable for restaurants, hotels, luxury resorts.

– The straws can’t be broken in the maximum time of 24 hours

– The complete decomposition in the environment is for 25 days

– The time of using continuously in the environment is 18 hours

– The time of melting completely when soaked in water is 48 hours



– Use as regular straws in hot, cold, ice and carbonated drinks

– Keep its hardness in drinks for about an hour before getting softer, but its function will not change.

– Soak rice straws in warm water for 30 minutes, then use them to cook tasty noodle dishes.

Contact us to order samples : +84915 111228

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